The potion-Our story

Growing up, life was good. Ori and I were raised in Middle Eastern homes where everything revolved around food. There wasn't that much concern when it came to eating healthy, or more importantly eating the right foods for our body. As the years passed we became overweight and I personally was suffering from digestive health. I would struggle with being bloated, cramps, and all other symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system. For years i would go from doctor to doctor just to pin point the problem, what was going wrong. From colonics to laxatives to herbal teas, nothing seemed to work. Trying to stay positive I thought to myself, why not try to heal myself from the inside out with what the earth provides us, superfoods. I started by buying these loose bags of every superfood I could get my hands on and started doing as much research as i can on what benefit each one has. As i spoke to nutritionists and superfood gurus, I discovered how to combine them in a particular way in order to maximize the benefits for my body. The formula in each Potion adds extra enzymes to your stomach to help you break down food in the correct way. I customized these blends specific to each need. I understood what vitamins and minerals the body needs on a daily basis, and what it needs to healI realized that i have finally found the answer by creating this stimulation in my stomach. So i started sharing to see how other bodies would react or if it was only me! My mom and I started drinking The Potion everyday for almost a year and the results were literally magical. We lost over 25 pounds and my digestive system was finally on track and everything in my body felt aligned, my skin, my headaches were gone, and even mensural cramps were not as bad as before. My moms menopause was barely affecting her anymore and her weight was finally stabilized. Throughout the year, I realized that it wasn't only my digestive system that was benefiting from the Potion, but it was also helping me eliminate the majority of toxins living inside my body, it helped me control my cravings, and helped me feel more energy than I ever had. Everyone who was drinking these blends were feeling and looking amazing. During this time I met Ori and he was also trying hard to lose his extra weight and really wanted to simply feel healthy. I told him how much it helped me, and i started formulating The Potion for him. We began to drink it together every morning in a smoothie and his transformation was epic. He lost 20 pounds in about 2 months and suddenly would always be at the gym. Even when i wanted him to come home!. For us, The Potion changed our lives, so why not change others? I was determined to give it to every person i possibly can, to help people lose weight, detox, and most importantly feel healthy from the inside out.