So I want to start by saying that we all have some sort of relationship with food-

a good one, a bad one , a loyal one, a cheating one, and after a lot of effort and commitment we may reach a healthy one. Today my main focus is combining my food correctly. Now for me this is challenging only because I grew up in a middle eastern family where we literally torcher our tummies, so making that change was breaking a major habit for me. 

Firstly let me lay out the basic rules of food combining (there is much more to it, but this is it for starters)

1. Eat fruit on its own: on an empty stomach in the morning and wait 1.5 hours until eating your next meal. You can eat all fruit together besides the fruits that belong in the melon family-melons go on their own completely. So you can alternate one morning cantaloup watermelon honeydew. And the next morning apples berries peaches mango, whatever you feel like, but make sure to follow that step to avoid bloating and uneasy digestions.

***When it comes to smoothies- the only fruit you can mix into your protein shake is a banana because that is the only fruit that breaks down like a starch in your body. If you feel like a tropical smoothie with a bunch of fruits and nut milk try to keep the protein powder out. The smoothie i have been indulging with at the moment is the Chocolate Potion Malt- Its simply The Protein Potion, Chocolate Potion, frozen banana, aloe vera, ice, and cinnamon, perfectly combined and super delicious.  

2. DO NOT MIX PROTEIN AND CARBS, simple as that (well not so simple to do this but you know what i mean) If you feel like sweet potatoes or rice eat it with greens if you feel like chicken or fish eat it with greens- do not listen to people who tell you eat a handful size of carbs, a palm size of protein, and the rest of your plate should be greens. Eat rice with salad or chicken with salad. Protein works best with starchy vegetables for example:

  • Wild salmon + broccoli + green beans
  • Organic chicken + sautéed kale + cauliflower rice


3. Do not eat more that one type of protein in a meal- so no chicken and beef with salad. No one piece of fish and one piece of chicken. Stick to one and give your stomach a break.

There are a few more rules but for beginners this should be a good enough start to start seeing results. You will see going to the bathroom will be way easier and your stomach will be way less bloated. 

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