Banana Cocoa Potion Bites.

Banana Cocoa Potion Bites. 
Today me and @tiffanyrcohen got chocolate wasted. Gluten free-vegan- dairy free-soy free. These cookies are soooo yummy and consist of only healthy, nutritious, energy boosting, antioxidant filled ingredients ✨🍪Enjoy🍪✨
2 large bananas 
3/4 cup raw coconut 
3/4 cup of The Chocolate Potion 
1/4 cup of Oats 
3/4 of chia,flax,hemp seed mix 
2 dates 
Splash of Cinnamon 
Splash of Almond flour for thickness 
1 spoon of peanut butter (big spoon😋) #healthyrecipes #superfoodsnack#healthyingredients#thepotioncookies #magicalblends#easyliving #easycooking

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